Monday, April 22, 2013

What is Energy Healing?

If you’re reading this blog, chances are, you already know what energy healing is. For those of you looking for an explanation, this article will do its level best to inform you a) what energy healing is, and b) what the modalities of energy healing are.
Healing With Energy

In short, healing is bringing a body from a state of imbalance (dis-ease) into balance (health). However one chooses to approach a state of balance depends on each person and the specifics of the dis-ease. Energy Healing is using the practitioner and client’s Universal Energy forces to bring the body back into ease (health).
Many people are lead to energy healing to ease their imbalances because traditional mainstream medicine, for whatever reason, did not bring their body back into balance. Many do not like the side-effects of the chemicals pharmaceuticals have been known to produce. A few have been raised around alternative healing practices, and know no other way, or choose to opt out of the mainstream medicinal practices.
Energy healing has beginnings, or roots, in both spirituality and science. Most programs do have their basis in a “spiritual layer” of the energy field, whether based upon science or spirituality. There are quite a few different avenues energy healing can take, and since healing involves the energy field of the practitioner and client, use of hands may not be needed, as in distance healing.
Most modalities refer to different types of energy (universal life) forces spoken of throughout the ages such as, chi, or prana, in fact Reiki roughly translates into “Universal Life Energy.” Energy healing commonly involves increasing the flow and quantity of energy, but not only that it also involves balancing energies, and re-patterning the flow of energy.
There are many different modalities of Energy Healing in the world today. One website lists about 1199 different modalities (flavors, as they are called) of Reiki alone! Here is a short list of Energy Healing Modalities found on the web, with a couple more that weren’t listed that the Admin felt ought to be given merit:
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