Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What is Crystal Therapy?

Using Vibrational Energy from Earth to Balance and Heal!
     The art of Laying on of Stones has been around since before we have written record of it. Archaeological digs have brought up evidence of the usage of stones for various purposes, from all around the world, throughout the various ages & civilizations. It was, and still is, a way of getting into vibrational alignment with our Earth.
     The stones were used for spiritual and medicinal purposes, emotional boosting, and for protection. The interesting part about the information that Archaeologists were finding throughout the cultures was that it was as if they had all come together and compared notes, although it is said that these cultures had no direct contact with each other. Common threads kept showing up between the cultures, so where was this information coming from?
      The answer to where this information was coming from is a little hazy, and there are many speculations as to the exact origin; some was obtained from meditating with the stones themselves, channeling certain informational properties, and then passing on that information. Some of it may have been passed on from other civilizations who were considered to be more advanced in various ways. Most of the correspondences we read in crystal reference books is based on this ancient information, whether it was directly obtained or channeled.
     Here's where it gets really interesting! How can a person channel information from a rock? Science! I love this part, because the nerd in me is satisfied with hard facts, figures, and information such as this. Everything, every single thing in this entire Uni-verse is made up of ENERGY. 
     Energy equals Information, and a 'crystal' passes on information through its energetic structure, its atomic pattern, called a Dominant Oscillary Rate. A crystal's atomic structure is perfect, a human's has varying oscillating frequencies, therefore, making ours not perfect in structure. 
     This is good news for us humans, because, whenever we are within the energetic torus (Electro-Magnetic Field) of a crystal, our vibrational frequencies are amped up to meet and balance with theirs. It's called entrainment. THIS is how a crystal can heal. Simple science.
      There is a difference between crystals and stones, but I will refrain from getting too nit-picky, and just say this: A crystal is anything with a perfectly repeating atomic pattern within its molecules, some may not look like they have a crystalline structure to the naked eye, but you would see that perfect structure with a microscope. 
Some crystals look like obvious crystals, such as the quartz pieces shown in this picture, but when you have something like magnetite, that looks like a solid mass, although it is crystalline at its molecular level, this would be considered a stone, it's a mixture of minerals, but, I don't want to confuse you at this point in the game. 
All you really need to know is that: Not all "rocks" are created equally in the looks department, but each one has special qualities that some people are more sensitive to than others. 
I have chosen to be around these very healing Earthly vibrational beings because I am one of the sensitive people who feels very grounded and calm when I am in their presence.

I hope I have cleared up any confusion about crystals that anyone may have had. If anyone has any questions about this subject, all of my information was gathered and paraphrased from my Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing Course. 
This is an amazing, science-based course that anyone who wants can take. I hope you have found this useful, and entertaining.