Wednesday, June 8, 2016

*Changes, changes, and sparkly new options!*

Just a small sample of the sparkly new offerings open to clientele!

     Good tidings to all who have recently found my page, or have been reading a while! I have recently graduated from a Crystal Healing Course, and am awaiting my Certificate in the mail. Not only can I put CCH (Certified Crystal Healer) after my name now, I can offer you all new options for the services I give. I am very excited to be able to do this!
     You all have read that I have been in the process of changing, and I have invited you all to embrace your change, and make more out of your lives. So- I am inviting you now to book an appointment with me for EITHER a Foot Zone, OR a Crystal Healing Session, OR a little bit of BOTH! YES! You can do that too! 
     I have a new location that I am just ITCHING to decorate & make Sacred Space in. I will have a new price list up within the coming week, and if you feel the need to relax, renew, and rejuvenate, make it a point to plan in some much needed  'You Time' for your busy week! Schedule an hour (or half-hour, if your schedule is cramped) of Theta-Wave healing, with yours truly, and trust me when I say: You won't regret it, and you'll be back for more!
     For those of you new to crystal healing, this type of Energy Work is for you if: you have an aversion to touch, yet still want to get in balance & get detoxified. Crystal healing is a non-invasive (no touch) healing modality. The crystals, and their amazing energy can be used in conjunction with a Foot Zone, for those who still love the massage.
     Both are energy work, and as such, will "reboot" your system in each session. All bodies are different, and Crystal Healing may be performed once a week, or once a month, to four times a year, depending on how your body is operating, or if your Chakras are in need of a good balancing.
     Please, check back often, I will be posting nuggets of info about crystals and how they can help you integrate dis-ease from your past with what you truly desire in the here and now!
     Isn't it about time you got your system "rebooted"? Come find out how fun a Crystal Therapy Session can be!