Monday, August 19, 2013

Adopting an Attitude of Gratitude, Truly...

My Trick for the Shift!

     How many times in your life have you truly been grateful for everything in your life? I mean EVERYTHING? If you start thinking about it, most of us, when put to the test, skim over all the crap we've been given, and are simply thankful for all the good stuff.  The stuff that makes us all warm & gooey inside, that's the stuff we're all grateful for.
     How many of us want to be thankful for the abuse we received as children, or for that drunk driver that just took our friend's life, or for Hitler, or for that jerk that just cut us off in traffic? Be honest. Not very many of us. I would even venture to say: almost NONE of us. Don't worry, this is normal. 
     It isn't easy for us to swallow that we are ungrateful beings. We are human, and we are ungrateful for MOST things in our lives. But, if any of us have studied energy vibration in the least, we have learned that gratitude is among the highest vibrating frequencies there is. How, then, do we TRULY adopt an attitude of gratitude when thinking of things we have labeled crappy? We move out of judgement. WHAT? 


     Judgement: The vibrational energy space humans reside in 99.99% of the time whether or not we admit it. That's right. We ALL do it. We humans are so good at being in judgement that we have actually come up with labels for it to make ourselves feel better about doing it. We call it blame, we call it justification, we call it fault, whatever the label, we have decided that something was either good or bad. What is it in reality? Simply a vibration at a higher or lower frequency that we attracted into our lives by our own like vibrational frequency. 
     I will label that vibration a lesson, if we can allow it to be viewed as such. We eventually learn that this "lesson" will keep repeating in one form or another until we learn to be non-reactive, and eventually GRATEFUL, that this (these) circumstance(s) made us who we are, lead us to who we needed in our lives, whatever we needed to learn in order to find the joy in our lives that we are here to find.
     You see, in order to attract higher energy vibrations into our world, we MUST vibrate at a higher level. In our lives, most of us tend to walk around vibrating at a very low level. How do I know that? I simply look at how our lives run from day to day. We complain an awful lot (ADMIT IT). We are continuously grousing on and on about what we DON'T WANT in our lives, thinking that it'll change the louder and more vehemently we proclaim it. Then we sit and wonder why our lives never change, or why they've seemingly gotten worse.

Energy Vibration

     What do we think the Uni-Verse hears when we say we don't (want or) like something? I'll give you a hint; the LIKE or WANT part, it was indifferent about the DON'T part. The part we were dwelling on with anger, hatred, guilt, shame, embarrassment, prejudice... shall I go on? These are all vibrations we're spewing forth from our energetic beings every second of every day, and we wonder why our don't wants or don't likes keep showing up... Because there are about 7 billion other beings on this planet likewise vibrating, just what do you think is happening with all those vibrations being spewed?
     Well, I'd like to tell you nothing, but- if you haven't been hiding under a rock a good share of your lives, then you know that energy is recycled. You know the science behind Like attracts Like. You would be correct in your next presumption. Many beings vibrating at low frequencies, because, hey- let's face it- we all have baggage! Baggage we were born with, crap that we got from our parents, siblings, ancestors, the list goes on...
     We vibrate, and it gets recycled. Like attracts like, therefore- and I have written this one before, what we put out, we get back. Not only do we get it back, but because we were dwelling on that crap with a bucket of heaping feelings along with it, we got it back with MORE tagalongs! Those feelings just super charged your crap!!
     Okay, so this sounds bleak at best, right? Not to worry!  I have been learning that we can counteract our own judgements! The graphic at the top of the story? I made that! It is a reminder to be grateful for ALL things. It is a little trick to overwrite some of those programs we've all been running for eons. If you want to vibrate higher, you MUST rewrite your programs. 
If you want to vibrate higher, you must learn how to be grateful for the worst parts and the best parts of your life. It will take time, but as I am learning, it took me 38 years to get to the not so great vibrational frequency I am putting out, therefore, (and sadly enough to me), it will not happen over night. 
     Nowadays, I spend a great deal of time thinking about how to see things in a different light. I start by saying to myself: "I honor my feelings of ______, and I am grateful for them."  It took me 38 years to learn that I had the best parents in the world. Through their certain type of child rearing, I learned patience. 
     No- it did NOT happen over night, and sometimes I am STILL the most impatient person I know. I am choosing to see the "abuse" my parents taught me with as the building blocks for who I am now becoming. I used the word "choosing" not lightly. I HAD been choosing to see how they raised me as abusive. I was looking at a situation, and judging it as bad.
     How many of us can do this? How can we look at something decidedly BAD and flip it over? Choice. We see bad or good in life because we have judged it as such. The way I looked at my childhood up until now simply was not serving me. 
     I was certainly not raising my vibrational frequency by labeling, nay, JUDGING it as bad. My hatred was beginning to consume me. Why? My vibrational frequency was being lowered because I had so long chosen to be a victim, that I had forgotten that I was CHOOSING. I bought the lie. I found that I was the only one who could get me out of the crap I had put myself into. 

     The first time I heard that I had the perfect parents for me, the best teachers for the lessons I was to learn in my life, I wanted to punch the guy that said it. Honestly- what the Hell did he know? Didn't he understand all the years of pain I had endured because of my parents??? Tell me if this sounds familiar to anyone in ANY way. That way of thinking has such tactile feelings attached to it. For 38 years, this is what I had been vibrating out from within.
     I will tell you what those vibrations did for me: it started with constant headaches every day since I was 15, back pain that increased with frequency at night at about 19 on, let's see, I was in and out of therapy for "depression", I've been on many different depression meds, I had used OTC allergy meds since the age of 20 because I was allergic (probably to myself...) to life, I self-medicated for over a decade, only to have my kidneys & liver revolt, that's just a few memories.
     Memories? Lovely, gorgeous lessons in vibrational energies! In the past five months, I know my tune has changed, I have been finding different modalities of healing. Coincidence? Hardly. I was just sick and tired of being sick and tired, and started to dwell on how to become well, whole, and in perfect health. Little by little, I was taking the higher vibrational parts of me, the parts that LOVE to learn & cannot get enough, and choosing to have those vibrations direct me to anything, and everything that I had not done previously in order to achieve the feelings I desired. Like attracts Like.
     My past taught me that I was on a path that was not serving me, nor anyone else around me. I chose to listen, pay attention, and find a path that served me, and hopefully others. I can see and feel the difference it has made in my life. It is sometimes difficult to think of some of my nephews and say, "I honor my feelings of hatred, and I am grateful for them!" But I do it until I feel a shift. Feel a shift? I physically feel something change within me when I state the assertion. 
     It's like letting a child know you see them when they're desperately trying to get your attention, "I see you, and I love you!" The child feels better. You see the child's countenance change. He may go off skipping. That's the shift I'm talking about. Only, it happens within you! You may want to start skipping too! Hell, I would. Skipping raises your endorphin levels, which in turn raises your vibrational frequency!

Skip your blues away!

     Does anyone feel better after learning this little trick (honoring your feelings & dousing them with gratitude)? Let me know.  I feel better having written about it. I have been putting this article off for a while now for no good (or bad) reason. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest. It's much like the way I feel when I douse my hatred with gratitude. My hope is that it will work for you as well. Choose to adopt a TRUE attitude of gratitude!