Thursday, July 24, 2014

Catching Up With...

      I realize it has been a great while since my last posting on here. It has been one heck of a journey since I last typed! I have, unfortunately, seen another marriage come to an end. I have moved out of Utah, and back to the beautiful green rainforests of Portland Oregon!

     I have also been through two jobs whilst making my way back to Foot Zone Therapy. I intend to open up a healing Center here in Portland that houses other holistic practitioners apart from myself. The dream may take some time to become a reality, but due to a business class I took Spring Term, it looked like it could be a really real possibility. 
     I am busily looking into social networking organizations to give Expanded Wellbeing the exposure it needs to grow. That too, is slow-going. I keep up the work. I keep doing affirmations each day, I keep re-vamping my personal vision board, and migrate away from negativity as much as possible.  I realize I am in a precarious situation in life, so I am doing my level best to upkeep the positive energy that it will take to envision a better life for myself.
     I have discovered over the last 10 months that while being alone is difficult, I am not totally alone, as I moved in with family; it is an integral part of really discovering who I am, my likes and dislikes, and how to keep loving ME no matter what.

     It is a long and arduous journey, but I feel that it is definitely worth it. I continue to plug away, not being able to see what lies in front of me, and while not forgetting the past, making sure I have learned not to repeat it. That is possibly the hardest part of growth. 
     I found that I can create new ideas, but I have to somehow disrupt the "truths" I accepted while growing up. Another daunting task. I also found that the anxiety I get while accepting a new truth is GOOD! Who knew? It is moving out of my comfort zone. It is the key to freedom. Move through the anxiety of the future I do not know, and CREATE what I want in its place. Yes, another painstaking, time-consuming venture. Worth it? I intend to make sure it is!
     Thank you for reading my little blog today. Making this a bigger priority may help me in the long run as well.
Remember: You Create Your Life!