Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sundays are for Rest & Reflection


     Recently I've started to take notice that what I put out into the world, I get back, whether that be good or bad.  Unfortunately, I've noticed that the bad energies have been outnumbering the good.  What do you think happens when this occurs?  That's right, one starts to spiral downward out of control, the body starts to fall apart. I was digging a ditch so large for myself, I may as well have buried myself in it whilst alive!  I had no idea what I needed to do in order to change my mindset, I only knew it had to be changed.  I learned something from G.I. Joe in my younger years, "Knowing is half the battle."  What I have done with that knowledge since this "a-ha moment" has been a journey I'd like to take others on, hence, why I am writing about it. It's a work and a journey in progress!
       First of all, I knew I needed to hit my Reset Button, so to speak. I had heard about people who do "energy work," and though I still do not totally understand the ins-and-outs of energy work, I knew that when it was described to me in short form, it sounded like what I needed.  I guess I put that thought VERY strongly into the Universe, because the next thing I knew, I had a day off from my regular "Joe Job," and one of my best girlfriends is calling me up outta the blue, telling me that she was going to be in my town that day for an appointment, and wanted to get a Foot Zone. We got that appointment set for a time that worked, but I got the distinct impression that I should ask her what her appointment was for.  I never ask people things like this, it's just none of my business, but I found myself asking if she minded telling me, and I found out that she did energy work, and that her appointment was to come down here to "The Big City" (AKA St. George), to go to a Wings meeting. Now I still don't really know what Wings is (here is a good link to start the journey to enlightenment on that subject though: but, I felt it had been brought to my attention for a really good reason.  
     The reason?  Because I asked for it.  Not in so many words, but I had been dwelling on how to get my train of thought re-railed, or my mindset changed, or my Reset Button hit, whatever you wanna call it- for so long, and so intently, that I brought it to me.  I only realized this once I talked for a good while with my gal pal.  She asked had I ever seen the movie, "What the *&%$# do We Know?"
     Yeah, I had seen it back in Portland, but I was WUI (watching under the influence),  so I didn't really recall it, but vaguely.  The funny thing about her asking me this question was- I had recently, within the last 2-3 days of talking with her, put that same movie into my Netflix Queue.  What the What?  I know!  I had tacked it to the end of the line-up along with "The Secret,"  and filed it in my brain under, "to watch in the not so near, if ever, better-make-it-sooner-than-that, future."
     After chatting with her, I fired up the movie, and just KNEW that all the anger, hatred, guilt, anxiety, depression, etc. that I had been feeling (and feeding off of) for the past I don't even know how long (which had finally reached a point of such disgustingly epic proportions, I had to get rid of it), I had in actuality brought on, I had become addicted to the negative energy that I was pumping into my own system.  When one discovers such a truth about one's self, what is left for one to do?
     I chose to accept it, own it, and CHANGE IT.  This has been the longest week of my life (Geez, has it only been a week?)!  Changing a pattern of thought after so many years is not an easy task, let me assure you!  I have tried before, but never gone to the extent that I have this time.  I know that I am ready to make this change, and complete this journey to positive self-awareness and healing.  
     Just like Foot Zone Therapy, this knowledge was brought to me when I needed it, without my realizing I needed it at that moment in time.  Now that I know I am connected to all creation, and that my thoughts indeed have effect on me, and I'm quite sure everyone around me, I am really paying attention to what I'm thinking.  The trick is this; when you start to think a negative thought of any kind- INTERRUPT IT.  Stop it.  Cut it away from you, send it on its way, and immediately replace it with the positive version of that very awareness.  
     This is why this week has seemed so long for me, almost 2 weeks, I suppose, but still... I have been busily interrupting negative patterns and thoughts, and sending them on their way, away from me, but not just that, changing them into positive thought patterns. I accept that I have created the reality I wanted; just in a mindset that needed a total overhaul!  My journey to create the reality I want, that I saw in far away dreams up until now, is now being set in motion.  I can already feel a difference in my body, and it is good.  It hasn't been easy work, but it has already been worth it.
     I am excited to know that I am becoming the person God intends for me to be.  Now, why bring Him into it? While on the path to spiritual healing, it is only logical to find one's source, whether you call that source Buddha, Mohammed, The Great Spirit, it's still your source. I choose God because for me, it is a logical choice, one in which I can identify easily.
     I say that in order to come full circle with the reflection for today: I get back from the world what I put out to it...  in Sunday school today, it was part of our lesson,  we read in Alma 41:15- "For that which ye do asend out shall return unto you again, and be restored; therefore, the word restoration more fully condemneth the sinner, and justifieth him not at all."  
     If that didn't kick me in the head and let me know that I am on the right path, I don't know much else that will!  I am grateful for this journey I am embarking upon, I leave this with you in the hope that you will ponder what I have written, and not only feast upon the words, but partake.  I mean to say, you can always go to a feast, and not eat.  If you go to a feast and eat, your hunger is satiated. Likewise, you can read something, but until you move forward and do something with that knowledge, it just sits dormant, or hungry within you.  It does not serve you.  Feast, partake, love.  Thank you for listening today!


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