Friday, August 3, 2012

Welcome to the other side of my Life!

     Hello everyone, I've decided to start a new blog page on a subject that is not too well known, but news is spreading!  What is it?  Foot Zone Therapy.  I may blog more on this page than I have on my Shaweet Nails page (which I deleted), only because I've been getting more foot zone business than nail business.  I feel the urge to spread the word about the healthful benefits of foot zone therapy, and enlighten anyone who will read about it, and how it fits into my life; and why it should fit into yours!
     I have also put up a page on Facebook: 
     I hope that I can be informative, and helpful in any way relating to this area. I will be posting anything I feel is of interest in the health and wellness realm. Please feel free to post questions, and I will answer them as I get to them. I am in the Southern Utah area, and I make "house calls" right now rather than owning a brick and mortar office.  In the future, my hope is that both my husband (who is also a certified foot zone therapist) and I will be able to have a nice little office in which to serve our clientele.  First, we need to build up our clientele and spread the word!
     My intention is to educate my friends and new readers that visit here, on foot zoning, and how our bodies can run more efficiently on a cleaner, greener diet.  I would like this page to be free from negative energy, and reserve the right to delete any comments I deem negative.  It will simply be a forum to inform, if you do not agree with my view, kindly remember that it is my opinion when you proceed to make your comments, and keep them as light as possible!
     I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoy posting!  Now, get out and do something good for your body! Remember that your thoughts create your reality, so be careful what you wish for!


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