Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Why is Good Health so Taboo?

     As I sit scanning the "interwebs," reading about how GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are invading darn near every inch of our food supply, and the fact that the purveyors will not label their proud accomplishments, I wonder: Why?  Why would a Government agency like the FDA keep something found to make people sick, and let it run amok, instead of sacking it once they found out the side effects?  I understand they "Why" behind making GM food: to make crops grow bigger, faster, thus making more food to feed more people.  As stated previously though, the powers that be found out it makes people sick, maybe not right away, but studies being conducted on said GM vegetable crops are making the next generation of the family sterile.  Sterile.  If GMs can make little rat buddies sterile (and not the super clean sterile, the no kid havin sterile...), what is it doing to humans?  Ever wonder why there are so many cases of Autism, ADHD, Childhood Onset Type II Diabetes (a diabetes that supposedly doesn't plague children), and other diseases, just to name a few, cropping up all over the place?  I am asking these questions not in the hopes for an answer, I am hoping that while you're reading this, you are also asking yourself these questions, and investigating.  Diving deep, if you will.
     My sister is going to college right now to become a botanist.  I don't think that she ever worried too much about what was in her food until she started to study the genetic structures of plants, and it was a real eye opener for her.  The eye opener for me was years ago when I started my yo-yo journey of weight gain and loss.  Every time I'd eat food deemed "good for me" I stayed slim. Every time I just threw caution to the wind, and ate any old thing (even in moderation) my weight went up.  The correlation was uncanny.  I have twice since put it to the test, not on purpose, mind you...
     I don't want to be a downer, and I dislike the term "conspiracy theorist," but hey, if the shoe fits!  I really am in the market to cause people to think.  Get that ol grey matter working!  If you're gonna delve into something, why not something so controversial?  It seems to me that the more people try to make something a secret, the more they have some hidden, not-so-good-agenda to hide.  It's sad, but the truth also has a way of scratching its way to the surface no matter how deep its buried!  Don't take my word for it, kids.  Just question everything.  Make sure you're not taking for granted the state of our health in this day and age!
     I can't be the only one who thinks the way I do, I can see that I'm not if pictures like this exist in the world!

Question everything: What is in my Twinkie that causes it to last and stay "fresh" for so many years?  If I can't pronounce that ingredient, should I put it into my body?  Why is THAT in my food, and what the Hell is it? Why are there so many things on this list of ingredients? Just to put a few out there to get ya started.  Now, we come back to the question I'm sure is on the tip of your cortex: What does this have to do with Foot Zone Therapy? I have to stop and shake my head.  In my mind, it is only logical to want to have total health.
     In order to have total health, this is part of it.  What we put into our bodies, affects our bodies and how they run. Do you want a more efficient machine?  What do you put into it?  Logical yet?  I can only hope so!  Your body's total health is so much more than just making sure you eat a salad every now & then.  It is listening to music, it is learning, it is getting at least 5 minutes of sunshine per day, it is reading labels, it is regular foot zones, drinking half your body weight in ounces of water per day.  It is questioning why we are not revolting against what is or isn't in our food!
     If this is not making sense to you, then I'm afraid you are reading the wrong blog.  but, in the same sentence, if I am causing you to stop, and think about any of this, then my job is done here!  Please do right by your body!  You only have one, think of it as your house, or your car.  Love it, take care of it, try not to trash it!  Give it a good Spring Cleaning!  Haha!  I believe the next topic may be: what your mind can do for you, and what you can do for your mind!  Let me know if that sounds like a fun topic!
     For now, here's a couple pictures of what I put into my body daily to help it run more efficiently!  My loverly Green Smoothies!


     This is my daily ritual:
Sha's Green Smoothies
*All of the ingredients are best ORGANIC
Get 4 bunches (handsful) of different greens; kale, collard, lettuce, or spinach (my fave)
put in blender with 1 cup regular, akaline, or coconut water, and 1 cup 100% apple juice (optional, you can always add more H2O, but, this sweetens it)
Add to that: handful of blueberries, and maybe 1 cup of any other fruit you feel like having that day, frozen is good to make it nice & cold, but isn't necessary
3Tblsp Hemp Hearts or ground flax seed
1-3 Tblsp Coconut oil 
3-4 Tblsp Greek yogurt, honey flavored is the tastiest
handful of baby carrots
1 stalk celery
3-4 sliced & chopped cucumber rounds
1 small sliver of beet (too much is overpowering), size of your thumb maybe?
Blend until smooth, no chunks. May have to add more liquid so as not to bog down blender motor.


     In the picture on the right, the containers are in the windowsill gathering sunshine!  It's a good way to get sun (Vitamin D) absorption if it's too hot to go outside like it often is where I live! 5 minutes is all it takes.  Now, if you're thinking this looks too gross to try, I feel bad for you.  It's just green. Green is just a color, it's no worse than eating something brown.  We eat beef, right?  Point made? If you put enough fruit into it, it tastes marvelous. It is tasty, and extremely good for your body! I love food, I am a "foodie" why would I consume something that tasted gross?  
     Thank you for coming on this journey with me today!  I wish you well in your endeavor for health and enlightenment!


  <-- (My dream blender!)

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