Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thinking is Being

     Today, I am allowing myself to be inspired by my Source.  I want to speak on the importance of self-love, and what it means in terms of health.  In my book, it means EVERYTHING. We are what we think we are, in other words, what we think becomes our reality.  Don't believe me? Go ahead, put it to the test.  I can stand on my soapbox for hours warning you of the horrors of negative thought and the way it impacts your life, or, you can simply become aware of how your surroundings are, and what you've been thinking lately.  If it doesn't directly correlate, you're not paying attention.  I may have touched on this subject lightly in an earlier post, but I believe that my Source is telling me that it bears repeating.
     It is often difficult to think positively.  If we are caught in a rut of negative thought, as I have been most of my life, the only things that will undoubtedly manifest, are the things (ironically) that we are trying to get away from.  Many of us do not know how to break free of this cycle.  The first thing (this should be a DUH moment) is to become aware that you may be the cause of your own negative surroundings.  This includes, and is NOT limited to the people around you, where you live, your vocation, and anything else you can think of.
     Believe me, I didn't want to admit this, and it is extremely difficult to sit here right now baring my soul to the general public about the negativity I myself have invited to rule my life. I want you all to know that gradually, after I admitted that I am the cause of my pain, self-doubt, self-consciousness (the negative end), and lack of abundance. I am starting to acknowledge that I am also the cause of any healing that has come from that admittance. I have to consciously refuse to believe the negativity I am addicted to, and replace it with loving, positive energies. We can all be the source of healing in our lives.  Some of us need a little jump start, such as energy work.  And if that isn't enough, believe me, the universe will bring to you all that you need in order for you to heal your specific ailments!  
     I say this because I have, in this past very short few weeks of my intent to bring healing and positivity into my life, been in contact with people who have contacts for me who do remarkable mediums in healing that I have never even heard of!  I am amazed (still, and probably always will be) at the remarkable love that our Source has for us, and if you truly intend to get closer to that Source, you will be shown what you need in your life- right when you need it.  You can deny this simple fact, or, as I have previously stated: put it to the test.

     I now have heard of two more modalities of Eastern type healers that I never knew existed in our world: Rapid Eye Therapists, and Emotional Rebalance Therapists.  Let me know if anyone else has heard of these, or other, related modalities! Foot Zone Therapy is relatively new to me, even.  Shocking- if you knew my mother and her philosophies on health and wellness.  I am excited to learn more about these modalities, and how they will be able to allow me to give more to the world!
     In listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer, I feel so in tune with the lessons he has learned in his life about manifesting, and intentionally thinking, I feel sure that I was brought these lessons to help me in my quest to find my calling in life.  He is obviously a faithful, and spiritual man, and that means quite a bit to me. While some of his words don't always feel congruent to my faith, for the most part, I can put those incongruities on a shelf, open them later, or forget about them. 

     I encourage anyone (and everyone) who is struggling in their lives to: 
STOP, whatever it is you are doing, STOP, and listen
Take a moment to CONNECT to a higher power, for some of you, that could be God, for others, you know who or what your higher power is, it is your Source. You are NEVER too busy, or in too much of a hurry to do this.  This is vital.
FEEL just what that Source is trying to teach you at that moment.
BREATHE- it is so important to breathe.  In with the positive, cleansing energy, out with the negative, slowly moving energy.  If it helps to visualize it in colors, do so.  I do!
LET GO. Let go of the (any) past versions of yourself.  You will never be that person again, stop trying to get them back! 
REALIZE what is the truth in what is going on in your life, and what is the lie.  You will feel it and know it once you (find it and) admit it.  Hint: if you are still telling yourself that you are ugly because someone in second grade told you that, THAT would be the lie you have allowed to perpetrate as truth in your life, and it is harmful (just like poison)!
HOLD ON to the truth! The truth shall set you free! Liberation at all costs can and will be yours if you realize that you alone hold the key!  The truth is that we are all good, beautiful miracles.  How can we not be when we come from an amazing source that creates nothing but GOOD? Again, if you don't believe your creator makes good stuff, you're not paying attention. Put it to the test.
GET RID OF the lies. Do not allow them to permeate your spirit ever again.  If you start to think negatively, or you invite a lie back, even for a second, INTERRUPT that thought! Replace it with positivity, and move on, RINSE REPEAT.

     This is what I do every day. Sometimes several times in the day.  For some of us, it is easy to be truly happy, and healthy.  For the rest of us normal people, it is hard work!  But, oh-so worth it!!  Our bodies have such a wonderful capacity to heal, but in saying that, I have to let you in on an amazing secret: No one tells us this fact!  In a sense, we have to relearn this truth.  This is what I am here for.  I am here to tell you that God put these things on this planet for us to take advantage of, in fact it is a belief of the LDS religion that these things are here for us, and that we should seek after them: Article of Faith 13: "We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men; indeed, we may say that we follow the admonition of Paul—We believe all things, we hope all things, we have endured many things, and hope to be able to endure all things. If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things."
     Also, for those of you who haven't read a Bible in a while, not that I'm trying to be a Bible thumper, I'm simply quoting from one of the oldest books left here on Earth, to remind you to seek after good things in your lives:  Genesis 1:31- "And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day."
     Thank you for coming here, once again, and choosing to spend your precious time on my blog.  My hope is that it aligns you to be inspired (to be "in spirit",we'll talk more on that in a later post), and to do whatever it takes to find good health, and wellbeing!


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