Saturday, September 1, 2012

About Me, FZT, and a brief History...


     Okay, so far in my blog: I've gotten up on my soapbox a few times, spoken on topics I'm passionate about, such as self-love; but have I answered any questions in regard to what it is that I do? Nope. Not really... I have explored all around health & wellness, but have I addressed just what IS Foot Zone Therapy? Here's my definition:
     It is a foot message, done in four zones on each foot, which regenerates every single cell in your body in each session.
Does that answer your questions? If not, I know I went into fuller detail on the history, ins-and-outs, and what FZT is, and what it is not on both my Facebook Page, and on one of my Pinterest Boards with the same title as this Blog, go figure.
     I have had a session done by my loving husband just about every week since December.  I was quite a broken down, sick, toxic individual. A plethora of organs were not working to full capacity, and it was getting quite noticeable.  I was just ignoring it.  Though, I was probably crying out to the universe for a way to have better health.  I do not know in numbers how many foot zones I have had, but long about the fifth one is when I started to notice a change in my health.  For good!  My body has been treating me so well nowadays, that I have been thanking it by treating it well in return.  I have been feeding it well, trying to get further and further away from processed & Genetically Modified foods, and sugars.  It has not been an easy road, but I haven't really been ill for the entirety of this year!  I rang in the New Year ill, but I am quite sure that was toxins making their way out of my body, lately however, I have not had much more than common allergies, and it has been nice. 
     I now can feel when it is time for another Foot Zone.  My body will tell me, I can't go too much longer than two weeks between sessions.  Your body will let you know as well, if you decide to start getting zones on a regular basis.  It's all a matter of how important wellbeing is in your life.  
     This is what my husband and I do.  I truly believe that we make the world a healthier, and better place, one foot zone at a time!  I hope that this idea will soon catch fire, and people will start to see FZT as something they need in their quest for health & wellness, rather than a luxury to save up for and only indulge in once in a great while. 
     If you really would like to see a change for good in your life, ask your body what you can do for it, then ask the universe, or your Source what you can do for them. Both will let you know when you are ready to hear the answer.  Thank you for stopping by my little spot in the world, I hope to have answered some questions you may have had.


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