Saturday, September 8, 2012

Choosing Love is a Wise Choice for Life!

     In my life I have held on to many outdated beliefs: the belief that being stuck in a lackluster life is normal. The belief that I can never have the things I want. The belief that I don't matter, or make a difference. The list goes on, but I won't bore you with that. You're probably reading with a sympathetic nod, and may hold on to similar beliefs. WHY? 
     In past blog posts, haven't I discussed that we need to examine what is true for us, and let go of the lies?  In order to truly heal ourselves, we need to hold the belief that we are amazing, miraculous beings! We can do ANYTHING! If we do not believe it, it will never happen.  But within that previous sentence, we have even proven that we can make that belief come to fruition as well, we just didn't realize it!
     Too often in life we are told what is "normal," we are, in a sense, given a set of beliefs that we adopt as our own, because we don't yet understand that we do not need to own them. These beliefs can be passed to us through trusted friends, parents, mentors, teachers, ummm- the media- it doesn't matter who, the sad fact is, these beliefs get stuck in our heads, and are all too happy taking up residence! All the while silently ruining our lives.  Lives which could be so much MORE! What we believe becomes real for us. And in those beliefs lies a whole new (and numerous amounts) can of worms
     I just brought home a new cd from the library by Louise Hay entitled "You Can Heal Your Life," and I swear, I have been channeling her without my intention in this blog.  Woah.  I never read this book by her before, but while I drove home from the library with the cd playing in the car, she was saying almost exactly what I wanted (and have already stated thus far) to convey in this blog post!  Eerie? Not really.  I feel I'm finally getting on board with that sense we call intuition. This is a good thing.
     I intend to get all the good things I deserve.  We all deserve the good things in life! In 2 Nephi 2:25 it states: "Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy." While not all of you reading this will understand that this is a Scripture reference, because we do not share the same religious affiliation; know that this means: "Life is for fun, or our enjoyment." What I get from this? Life is love, love your life; let go of any beliefs that no longer serve you! Get all the good things in life you deserve!
     Louise stated that holding onto the negative beliefs causes so many of our bodily ills and dis-eases. Holding onto resentment for far too long, just what do you think can happen to your body with that outdated belief system? Cancer. Think about it.  Just entertain the thought.  For me it made nothing but complete sense, and a picture of a friend of mine, who was recently diagnosed, popped into my head.  Her words, along with her face, and the stories of holding onto this anger and resentment from her past came along as well.
     Our past has passed!  Why we hold onto it, I will never know. Yes, I have been guilty of holding on.  Lately, however, I made it an intention of mine to JUST LET IT GO. The past will never happen to us in the same way again.  It will never hurt us like it did the first time around. BUT- if we hold onto that moment, those memories, thoughts, and feelings- that's what kills us (quite literally)!

     So, in choosing love, in all aspects of our lives, we are not living in a fantasy world. Not remotely, we have chosen to have a better life.  The best life we can give ourselves, and all that this encompasses! Just envision what this could mean. There are no limitations to the abundance that will come with this assertion!  I challenge you to try it out for a week.  Really work on interrupting any negative thoughts you have held onto this long, and replacing them immediately with positivity and love.  It's never too late to heal, believe me! If you don't feel different, and better by the end of that week, you weren't working hard enough. 
     Try something smaller: when you start to feel any pain in your body, or sadness, or negativity, repeat the words, "I Am Love," ad nauseam. I promise you, you WILL feel love right away! Your body will warm, and tingle, and you will forget your pain.  At least, this is what I experienced one night with a cramp I had that almost knocked me out.  It was amazing!
     I hope that you enjoy coming here to my little corner of the internet, I sure do love sharing this knowledge with you!  Thank you for allowing me to share the love, and to serve you!


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