Friday, September 21, 2012

Goals: Yea or Nay?

     I had an assignment in class the other day (I am certifying to be a Kindermusik teacher), it was on the importance of setting goals. In order to understand why this assignment may have been the slightest bit difficult for me, one must know that I have never set goals in my life.  I never wanted to be disappointed just in case I didn't reach them.  Now, I ask you: Is this a logical way to look at not setting goals?  I had always thought so. But I found, through this assignment, that envisioning your dreams helps motivate you.  This really explains quite a bit in my life: No vision = No motivation. Hmmmm...

We were told to draw two different pictures on two blank sheets of paper, one entitled, "My Life Today" the other, "My Dream Life." Although my drawings aren't art gallery worthy, here's what I came up with:


     I know they're small, and you probably cannot tell what's going on in them, but let's just say that in picture one, there's not a lot going on, a lot of dreaming, and a lot of "getting nowhere" to be had.  In the second picture, the page is filled, the thought bubble dream becomes the focus of the picture, bringing the dream into reality.  
     The second part of the assignment was to compare the two pictures, note the differences, then choose one word to describe the essence of the difference between the two.  This word then becomes your "Vision Word."  I can't say I've ever had a vision word before let alone "vision"...
     I chose my "Vision Word," and you can tell me if it fits:
We were to write that word on a separate piece of paper close to the second drawing, I chose a star-shaped Post-It to write it on & affixed it to a top corner.
     The assignment went further, I will just convey to you the part that REALLY helped me see how important making goals can be. We were to write goals in increments of: next few upcoming months, one year from now, and three years from now. It has always been so hard for me to think of the future when my life has always been so unpredictable, hence, why I've not set any goals.  I've especially not ever written them down.
     But, my grey matter was already working like a well-oiled machine from the previous leg of this journey, so I found that it became that much easier to see what I would like for myself in terms of Kindermusik (they listed some examples to get you motivated, which was really nice!).  I did choose goals for this career path (I've never even used that word "career" before when speaking of jobs), but I also chose personal goals.  I figured, if there is a remote chance that goals, when written and placed in a prominent spot, can come to fruition- then I'll give it a whirl! Here they are:

     With this assignment, I started to see why people might set goals. I also started to see that maybe in setting goals, they could possibly be reached. It's really not that big of a stretch to see that! I have a sister-in-law that had told me about something called a "Dream Board."  Now, where have I heard of that before?  Ah yes, after digging through my drug addled past, I HAVE heard of a Dream Board! Have I not mentioned watching The Secret previously?  
     Anyway- She told me that she made a big poster board and pasted cutouts of good "things" from magazine pictures she wanted in her life in different areas. She made this board with HER PICTURE in the middle, to attract all those good things to her, she stated.  
     She said (just yesterday, meaning all these good things have happened from then till NOW) that within 5 years, she had everything that she had put on that Dream Board in her life! I intend to make a proper Dream Board with MY PICTURE in the middle very soon!  I am looking for a proper collage type app online with which to do that, any suggestions? I suppose I could do it the "old-fashioned way" because I only found apps on my phone that would allow for 10 pictures maximum, and I couldn't arrange the pictures the way I wanted them so (*sigh*) this is what I came up with for now:


This class assignment/project has my brain working now, I believe that was the reason it was part of our syllabus. I hope that if some of you aren't already making goals, writing them out, or making a Dream Board, that you will decide to change your way of thinking. In my mind, this project only solidified my favorite quote: