Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Inner Peace: Can we find it? We'd Better!

Inner Peace
The pathway to enlightenment, what some call, “Inner Peace,” is not something that is relatively easy to find. is no one single way to achieve it. I have done my level best to give some good information on this subject!
 Many people would welcome an easy fix to finding all that could make us happy, if such a thing existed in reality.  A Fix It, or Happy Pill?  If those do exist, and if we stop taking them, does the joy disappear?? I believe there is no "One Magic Bullet" or Panacea. Everybody's body is different. Dear readers, the quest to find Inner Peace is likened to The Quest for The Holy Grail. Many an article has been written on it, and there
     A good definition of Inner Peace was found, once again, on Wikipedia.  You can challenge this definition if you like, but I think it’s the most simple, and clear cut.  People like simple, it keeps us out of trouble, right?
In truth, finding Inner Peace is akin to having an every day job: we only get money when we work, for the most part; and if we’re not working, we don’t get paid. Working at Inner Peace is only as easy as we make it. We need to strive daily to achieve it. It is not something we can simply put an effort to for one day and have lasting effects.  We’d like it to, wouldn’t we? One fact of reality that is continually overlooked is that happiness and peace will come from something external. This simply is not so, and it is why Inner Peace seems to elude us, if we keep allowing it.
Finding Inner Peace can be achieved in different ways, and there are many resources made available to us, especially in this age of technology.  The Internet is a veritable Cash Cow on this subject!
Why choose Inner Peace? Because stress robs the body of energy and nutrition! There are way too many stressors in this world, here is a list of the types of stress looming and waiting to make us ill:
Physical Stress
  • Trauma- tissue damage
  • Lack of Exercise- decreased oxygen and nutrition to the cells- decreased detoxification
  • Lack of Rest- decreased healing and rejuvenation time, decreased detoxification
  • Lack of Sunshine
  • Lack of Hydration
Emotional/Mental Stress
  • Negative mental attitude
  • Anger, bitterness, hate, resentment
  • Worry, anxiety (my biggest issues that cause the most problems are in this area here, emotions!)
Chemical/Environmental Stress
  • Uncleanliness
  • Drugs, medications, chemicals, pollution
  • Improper nutrition, toxins
We need to eliminate, as much as we can, these stressful living habits! Stop looking for a quick fix (like I do…) and start asking, “What have I been doing that has made me sick (or stressed)?” Then stop doing that! Look at your daily habits and trade energy robbing habits for more supportive activities. Create an environment that is conducive to healing and health.
It seems that some people, such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Louise Hay, have found their path to enlightenment; how their inner light shines forth!  It probably goes without saying, however, that they still have their struggles occasionally, bad days happen, they happen to all of us.  But what we do (and what we learn) with those bad days is part of the work to achieving the freedom and happiness we so desperately desire.
If we are willing to put forth effort each day, maybe even several times a day, in keeping negativity at bay, we will feel the results. Seek knowledge, learn about healthy living! Truth eliminates Ignorance. It will not happen overnight, but it will happen. Upkeep is vitally important! Lasting effects will only be as potent as the work we are willing to put into achieving them.
  • Foot Zone Therapy: Total Body Balance; 2009;  K. Duvall and C. Christensen, pp. 50-51 Academy of Foot Zone Therapy©  (some re-wording at Admin’s discretion)

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