Monday, May 27, 2013

It's All Good, and Getting Better!

I am Enough!
I have been feeding you an informational overload from my old website over the past few weeks, and that's all well and good- but I feel the need to post some updates on my Foot Zone therapy practice, and other good things that I have been learning!
Since April, I have been meeting with a couple of BEST Practitioners. B.E.S.T. stands for Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique. It is a form of energy healing that I had previously not heard about. It has been quite the journey from the first session to now. I have been watching my little practice grow every day, and people who are like-minded are just coming to me as I remove the emotional blocks that have been keeping me from succeeding.
I have been finding out what works, and what doesn't work to get my dear clients to return, and I have learned my worth! It is a great feeling when you believe in yourself, and know that your time and energy are valuable. When you do not realize your value, people sense that and walk all over you. I have been certified now for a year as of May 25th. Only within the past few months have I seen more than one client per month (or less).  And though I have not yet reached my goal of 20 clients per week, that goal is getting closer!
I have been invited into a dear comrade's home to practice my healing art, and in turn, she is showing me more than I ever could have bargained for, in addition to Kundalini Yoga!

One of my favorite places: Benja Yoga

She has opened her doors, and her heart, and is allowing a healing transformation come into her home, and her life. I have a room in her home, as do my friends who do BEST.

The beginnings of My Little Healing Space!

View from the Foot Zoning chair

My new Zoning Chair! My clients are so spoiled!

Sharing the room, for now!

Smallest BEST client!
I love to share my experiences with you, my dear readers! I have come so far since I hit rock bottom in February, when I didn't even want to get out of bed. But that experience, along with the whole assault charge debacle from last year, taught me that I needed to listen to myself, there was something going on, and I needed to find the silence within, and from the silence would come healing.
Through EMDR with my therapist (thanks to a dear friend who helped me to realize I needed to fight to get my VA benefits, so worth it now that I have them!), to finding a place to work out that fits ME; I guess I didn't realize that I could enjoy exercise... I really didn't like what was being offered in my own town, it mattered not that it was free, and just down the street from where I live- it did not fit ME. All of these stepping stones have been transformational.
Each of these things on their own would not have worked were it not for my willingness to move forward. Inside, at one point, I felt as if it didn't matter whether I were dead or alive- those thoughts frightened me. I often find my head, and all the thoughts running within, too much to endure. My head has been so loud and over-occupied for so many years. I wanted that to end. I had had ENOUGH!
In the past four months I have been led to where I am now, I am accepting the change which I am allowing myself to make. I am accepting that I need to be silent at times, in order to heal. I am finding modalities of healing that work for me. In short: I am practicing what I have been preaching!
This journey that I am on won't end tomorrow. I have always considered myself a lifelong learner. I am always reaching out to embrace things that will help me reach my highest potential. I am learning that the Beatles knew what they were talking about when they wrote the tune: "All You Need is Love."  Replacing the anger in my heart with love is helping me become the best Foot Zone Therapist I can be! My hope is that my clients feel that when I give them the gift of an hour of my time an energy to help them in their quest for health and wellbeing.
I have also been planting seeds for my business, promoting myself in ways I had up til now only thought I would do at some "future time." That future must be now, because I did it! My doTERRA Oils are being sold in my Healing Space, I was invited to the What Women Want Expo to promote my business, and I have that sticker on my car that I swear I dreamt to life while working at the mall last year!

From computer to my car! It's about time!
Promoting Foot Zone Therapy at What Women Want, 2013

For now, I have come to the end of my rant, but I know I will further rant upon the subject of healing and the subsequent journeys that seem to accompany it in upcoming blog posts. I want everyone in the world to be as excited as I am to know that our body's ability to heal is far greater than ANYONE has led us to believe! Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I hope it has touched someone in a positive, spiritual way.