Monday, May 27, 2013

This Is Alternative Healing

What is Alternative Healing (also known as Complementary and Alternative Medicine [CAM], Holistic Healing, and Homeopathic Healing/Medicine)?
Herbs, Meditation, Massage Therapy
This is a broad subject, much broader than I had realized. This term basically encompasses any practice of healing performed outside of a mainstream (or Western) hospital, without the use of chemical drugs to produce healing effects.
While researching, I found an entire A-Z list of alternative healing modalities! Sometimes, even if it’s not the best resource, Wikipedia can be amazing. A link to the A-Z list will be found at the bottom of this article (No. 5 on list). Unfortunately, Foot Zone Therapy (another form of alternative healing, the form that I practice), was not on this list. I have written up an article all about Foot Zone Therapy, explained in its fullness, not to worry.
These days, more Western medical practices are incorporating the practices long used by Eastern Countries, “Patients in Western countries are becoming more receptive to trying alternative techniques, and have been asking for them. As a result, many Western medical schools are starting to teach these medicine techniques and theories. Some hospitals and doctors are supplementing their regular medical care with alternative techniques.”¹.
Alternative health is coming to the forefront of our medical radars, albeit slowly. Most major insurance providers are ill-at-ease to cover procedures done outside of modern medicine facilities. Some have come to accept CAM, but very few, if any; and most people end up paying out of pocket².
The subject of whether or not CAM works, or is safe; has been a topic of regular discussion. Some say to bring up using CAM along with main-stream treatments, with your doctor.  Some doctors these days are more open-minded on that end, others are not.  For a decision, it is solely based on what your stance is on the subject³. I personally am finding out that there is not ONE magic bullet to cure all that ails us. What works for one, may not work for another. These alternative modes of healing are here for us to use. I have provided the information for you to discover what will work for YOUR body.
What are the benefits of CAM? It really depends on what your specific need is. What are you looking for? Are you looking to get away from potentially harmful chemicals? Want to lessen side-effects from prescriptions given to you? Would you like peace of mind knowing you did all you could conventionally, and you're now willing to try something natural? These questions can only be answered by you, and what you feel is right for your body. 4

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