Monday, May 13, 2013

Power of Positive Affirmations

Your Thoughts Become Your Reality
Finding an authoritative definition was difficult to procure, a fairly decent (if not good) description was found on a website that no longer exists. This is sad, but, there you have it. According to holistic life coaching, Positive Affirmation is: “a technique used to program the subconscious mind to effect change by repeating (or meditating on) a key phrase to bring about the desired outcome.”
There is a plethora of information available on positive affirmations, and the power of positive thinking in the world today, and while the holistic community praises positivity, there are always naysayers available to even the odds, as in every subject.
The question one may want to ask themselves, in light of the super-charged (if not verging on rude), destructive comments and write-ups on what one would hope to be an optimistic topic, is: “How do I want to view positive affirmations, and thought? Do I want to give them the benefit of the doubt to see if they could possibly work in my life, or do I just want to believe that it’s all a money making scam?”
While science may not be able to substantiate any concrete evidence on the subject, Dr. Isaac Eliaz, an Integrative physician, holistic healer and meditation practitioner, states that one reason positive affirmations may not work for most of us is because we basically give up before we’ve tapped into our full mental potential.
While mainstream news may try to debunk positive thinking as a crazy cash scam, The Mayo Clinic touts that people who think positively experience greater health benefits, but that it is unclear why.
You can see the effect of positive thinking and affirmations in your life if you are willing to test it out for one week. Every time you begin to think a negative thought, stop; not only stop the negativity, but reroute it by turning it into a positive reinforcement, switch your mindset. This must be carefully monitored; we think thousands of thoughts every minute, so it would stand to reason that monitoring thoughts would not be an easy task. Visualizing may help; In your mind's eye, see yourself gathering up the negativity into a ball, or balloon, and detaching that ball or balloon from you (maybe with some really big scissors), and watch that balloon float away, maybe even wave to it as it ascends. This will help you in your endeavor to begin monitoring your thoughts. This is not an easy task, and will probably need to be done several times throughout each day. At the end of the week, you may start to notice a subtle change in your life.  Maybe a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, maybe something different, everyone has their own experience; be sure to write it down to track your progress.
Carol Tuttle states that sometimes we get stuck in negative, destructive belief systems, and while positive affirmations may start to work, we fall into our old negative ways after a while, and need more than just the affirmations to clear those negative energies.
Whatever you choose to believe, remember, nobody else has to live your life. Take all of the information given to you, weigh it, keep an open mind, and by experimenting a little, you may find out if positive affirmations are right for you.
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